Although the concept of diversion has been an important part of the criminal justice system for many years, the challenges of rising incarceration costs, limited system resources, and the desire for more effective criminal justice system outcomes have led prosecutors to apply diversion to new and more challenging populations. Early resolution of cases through diversion also is an effective strategy for prosecutors to save system resources and reinvest them in the prosecution of more violent criminals.

This online toolkit is intended as a resource to help prosecutors design, implement, and evaluate these new prosecutor-led diversion options.  More broadly, this toolkit is also a resource for other criminal justice system stakeholders (law enforcement, the defense, the judiciary, probation & pretrial services, social service providers, policy makers, and the general public) to better understand prosecutor-led diversion and why it matters.

This introductory page provides background information on what diversion is, what prosecutor-led diversion is, and how prosecutor-led diversion relates to other diversionary approaches including problem solving courts. It is also designed to help inform other key system stakeholders of why prosecutor-led diversion is important.

Next Steps: Program Planning & Implementation

These pages listed below contain information on some of the key issues to think about when planning such a program. Click on the topics to see what is involved in each of the steps

Click on the PDF to the left or the link below to view a Planning Program Fact Sheet

(Planning a Prosecutor-Led Diversion Program)

Click on the PPT to the left or the link below to view a Presentation on Planning a New Program

(Planning a New Prosecutor-Led Diversion Program: Some Common Issues)

How We Can Help You: Training & Technical Assistance

These pages provides resources and information on what kinds of help are available to prosecutors to help them develop such prosecutor-led programs and how to request such help. Click on the topics below for more information.

How We Can Help You: Resources

These pages contain a host of sample materials designed to help prosecutors jump start their program planning and avoid the need to reinvent the wheel. It also includes information on funding, risk assessment, eligibility checklists and other forms needed to assist in efficiently setting up your own program.

Why Prosecutor-Led Diversion: How Does It Relate To You?

Visit the “Why Prosecutor-Led Diversion” page to explore reasons why prosecutor-led diversion programs benefit various criminal justice stakeholders, social services, and the general public.

Want to Know More About  Diversion?

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Planning a Behavioral Health PLD Program: Resources

The “Planning a Behavioral Health PLD Program” page describes some of the unique benefits of and challenges to developing this kind of specialized diversion program. This tab was developed in collaboration with the Council of State Governments Justice Center.