Funding is a necessary component of any diversion program. Funding is required for administering the program and for delivering services to participants.  Programs may be funded by a jurisdiction’s general fund, federal and state government grants, private foundations, or through participant fees or costs. In forging partnerships with community agencies, prosecutor’s offices should explore whether these providers can offer services at no cost or at reduce rates. Alternatively, the city or county may provide extra resources to fund the diversionary program, particularly where diversion may offset the costs of prosecution and punishment.

For information on federal grant opportunities go to Although many focus on United State Department of Justice grant opportunities, other federal agency grants may present opportunities to fund your efforts.  Think creatively.  Would another’s grants help fund your efforts? (The Departments of Veteran’s Affairs, Health & Human Services, Labor, Commerce, or Education).

A prosecutor’s office should consider a combination of all of the available resources to ensure that their program is well funded. An office should also consider the issue of the sustainability of such funding.