An important goal of the Prosecutor-Led Diversion Initiative is to provide training and technical assistance to prosecutors regarding the planning, implementation, and evaluation of a prosecutor-led diversion program. To that end, the initiative includes the designation of Prosecutor-Led Diversion Mentor Sites to help provide that assistance.

Training and technical assistance can take different forms under the initiative.  Prosecutor offices that are selected as PLD Training & Technical Assistance Sites will receive intensive and ongoing assistance in developing a new prosecutor-led diversion program focusing on the following population of offenders: drug or alcohol involved individual, mentally ill individuals or victims of human trafficking.  Such offices will receive help preparing and implementing a strategic plan to launch their new program.  No fewer than sixteen such sites will be competitively selected over the life of this program. However, any prosecutor’s office may ask for less intensive assistance. 

The following are examples of the kinds of help that a prosecutor’s office can request:

  • Coordination of a site visit to a PLD Mentor Site.
  • Arrangement of a conference call with a PLD Mentor Site.
  • Assistance with questions concerning planning, implementing, and evaluating a PLD program.
  • Coordination of a peer-to-peer conference call with a relevant subject matter expert on an issue of concern.
  • Document review of materials prepared as part of the development of a new PLD diversion program.
  • Assistance with questions about ongoing operations of an existing program.