Research and Evaluation of Success

Toolkit Note: Track progress for a minimum of five years to gather research on recidivism.

During early program planning stages, it is critical to clearly identify which entity will track diversion completion and viable methods to communicate with the prosecutor’s office for regular case updates. Many options exist for tracking individual and programmatic success, including:

    1. Research partner—local colleges, universities, and public health offices are the gold standard for research and evaluation of success. 
    2. Third-party treatment provider.
    3. A diversion coordinator in the prosecutor’s office.
    4. Case manager.
    5. Court-monitor.
    6. Pretrial services.
    7. Parole and probation supervision.

Options for Internal Data Technology

Case Management System (CMS) or other internal case tracking systems, even done by hand in jurisdictions without technological or data infrastructure, can track:

  1. Successful completion of diversion.
  2. Cases that were removed from diversion and returned to traditional prosecution track.
  3. Demographics of both victim and participant.
  4. Participants that had future violations & recidivism rates