A prosecutor-led diversion program, particularly one that takes on more challenging populations of offenders, can be highly beneficial to the work of a prosecutor’s office. A prosecutor-led diversion program can be an important tool to expedite case dispositions, save limited criminal justice system resources, and produce better outcomes than are available through standard case processing. Saved resources can then be “reinvested” in prosecuting violent offenders.

A well-designed program can also link individuals to services, help reduce recidivism, improve the collection of victim restitution, and provide opportunities for citizens to directly participate in the criminal justice system through volunteerism. Offering diversion options may also improve a community’s perceptions of fairness regarding the operations of the prosecutor’s office and how it does justice.  And finally, resource savings can be reinvested into other programs designed to improve the criminal justice system and the delivery of just outcomes.  

Fact Sheet for Prosecutors