Candidate Screening

Many cities and counties have specialized units that have been trained to handle DV matters. When determining the proper individual to screen cases, prosecutors from specialized DV units are in the best position to review cases and lethality screenings for diversion. Clinical partners or DV specialists involved in the the diversion program may work with an experienced prosecutor to screen candidates.

Program planners can institute proper training for new and lateral attorneys who join the specialized unit, or screening attorneys if no specialized unit exists, on risk factors, trauma, strangulation, targeted victim support, and other critical DV topics. Training practices and policies can also include periodic training to keep long-time prosecutors abreast of updated research and prosecutorial strategies related to DV cases.

Upon entry into diversion, treatment providers and/or clinical supervisors can screen enrolled individuals for counseling/program needs and collateral assistance (housing, medical needs, etc.). Program planners should include in this inquiry if the enrolled individual was previously a victim of child abuse or DV offenses to properly address that trauma through counseling or other services.