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Prosecutor-Led Diversion Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) Sites

A joint committee from the Initiative’s partnership of the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys (APA), the Center for Court Innovation (CCI), and the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) will conduct a national solicitation to identify two groups of 8 nationwide prosecution offices that are interested in developing and implementing pre-trial prosecutor-led diversion programs based on substance abuse, mental health, and human trafficking issues.


These sites will receive high quality and ongoing TTA support from APA and CCI staff, along with peer-to-peer mentoring and visits with and from Mentor Sites. APA and CCI staff will work with each TTA site to develop a strong functioning and operational relationship, to perform office evaluations, and engage in rigorous training sessions with each TTA site. These sessions will be guided by pre-visit phone interviews, structured site visit protocols, creations of agendas, identification of priority issues, and pre-trial diversion implementation strategies and guides. The teams will work to identify how best to help the TTA site meet its goals and objectives; identify early issues and challenges to implementing their individual initiatives; explore potential solutions; assist in the development of an evaluation plan; and assist in the systematic collection of data and reporting of appropriate performance metrics. APA will work with each selected site to create an achievable project action plan that articulates goals, objections, action items, and expected deadlines.

How to Become A Selected TTA Site

To request this assistance, please fill out the electronic application available at .


Sites will be selected based on the strength of their application, a follow-up interview, their readiness to engage, and the availability of training and technical resources under the initiative.  A joint committee of representatives from BJA, APA, and CCI is responsible for recommending which sites are selected. Final decisions regarding site selection rests with Bureau of Justice Assistance.

Prosecutor-Led Diversion Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) Site Map


Be sure to visit this page in the near future for upcoming application procedures, deadlines, and selection of TTA Sites.